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As designers and consumers discover the versatility of bamboo plywood and veneer, a whole range of items have sprung up for the world to see, and buy. We now see products being designed and produced by local Australian talent and as a result decided to found a marketplace for you to discover what is on offer too.

See our product range for beautiful examples of the versatility of bamboo.

As well as versatility, bamboo plywood offers strength, and natural beauty, similar to timber.
Millions of hectares of natural bamboo forest soak up carbon faster than any stand of trees. Carbon gives the bamboo fibres strength and the fibres are long, adding to the strength of bamboo. Thinner bamboo sheets are flexible – so bending and laminating are possible too.

Phyllostachys Pubescens,

or Moso bamboo, is naturally abundant in the mountains of Anji county in China. Bamboo grows without fertiliser and in fact doesn’t need any particular care at all. Without the problems of deforestation, irrigation, soil erosion, and removal of native fauna, bamboo is therefore naturally environmentally friendly.

We hope you love the products we have brought to you. Please share our website with others and help spread the word about bamboo as a material with strength, versatility and beauty.

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